“The Monoverse” is a non-linear sci-fi story.  Similar to a wiki, the point of this web site is for you to explore the world of The Monoverse and slowly absorb the story through its theories, atmosphere, societal norms, planets, people, productions, corporations — everything this “universe” has within it.

Main characters of this story range from an assassin, to a miner, to a politician, to a CEO of a corporation that runs an Earth Museum and Theme Park.  Minor characters can be as insignificant as a mite of dust floating around at the edge of the Monoverse, or as huge as a living planet out to eat all other celestial bodies — and more.

These writings are based upon my own knowledge of space (whether its correct or just plain wrong) and influences from cultural science fiction that I have had contact with.  While I don’t claim that any of the “scientific” theories are correct or even possible as far as physics go just by the very nature of what I’m explaining, suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy this web site.

The motifs I try to draw upon in most of my story-telling are about life as we know it –  real life vs fake life.  The questioning of what really is a “real life” and the made up worlds we create to escape it — our dreams and our own created universes.  These include, but are not limited to: Reality vs. Created Reality (Such as games), Life vs. The Afterlife, etc.

My personal belief is that the culture of science fiction we create around ourselves will ultimately shape the way we approach the future.  For better or worse, when we get closer to leaving the Earth, we will see many fictional concepts and popular sci-fi names/concepts defictionalized, in homage to things we have created in our minds and on our screens.

In a more down-to-the-point storytelling intent, The Monoverse is about Time, Space, our perception of Reality.  I do not intend there to ever be “aliens.”  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t horrific elements to the universe that are mysterious and may be seen as such.

Construct Classes

The following are the specific classes of constructs, from smallest to biggest.

War Class ships are a subgroup within that class to signify they are fitted with weaponry, otherwise, both commercial and civilian ships are described by the main class’ name.

Classes are measured by how much occupancy a ship is deemed able to carry:

Personal Class – 1 to 5 people

Pincer Class

Transport Class – 6 to 10 people

Corvette Class

Commerce Class – 10 to 15 people

Expeditionary Class

Cruiser Class – 15 to 50 people

Battlecruiser Class

Frigate Class – 50 to 100 or more people

Destroyer Class

Planetary Class – Hundreds

Carrier Class

Star Class – Thousands

Battlestar Class

Galaxy Class – Hundred thousands+

Flagship Class

Massive Class – Undetermined amount of occupants, greater than Galaxy Class.

Dreadnought Class/Supercarrier Class



ElectriBrain is a self-proclaimed “brain on a chip” that allows a user to insert a chip and reference any of the material on said memory chip as long as it is inserted and working.

The ElectriBrain is not widely used as it requires surgery.  It also has a stigma around it because it makes you more like a cyborg than a natural human.

The ElectriBrain technology is for the explicit use in natural humans, as opposed to cyborgs, whom already have such capabilities built-in.


Transgender-Chromosome Therapy

Transgender-Chromosome Therapy refers to the altering of chromosomes in an adult human to alter their biological sex.

It is a very complicated process, but the end results are more genuine to becoming the opposite sex.  It is combined with traditional surgical operations and hormonal therapy to allow for the subject to become the sex they prefer.



HCEB power is a type of energy transportation system/network.  HCEB stands for “Highly Compacted Energy Burst.”

The concept behind HCEB power is to eliminate the need for vast physical grids and infrastructures that cover a whole planet to transport energy.  It is also useful for sending power to space stations.

HCEB works by sending a highly compacted energy burst from a power station into a far away destination.  Once the energy burst reaches its destination, it recharges a large high-capacity battery, similar to what is used in a F&F Engine.

Standing in the path of an HCEB is not recommended.


Shadow Company

Shadow Company is one of the universe’s most merciless group of mercenaries.  They are mostly made up of ex-black-ops type personnel, and work in such a way that is very subtle.  Because of their well-known subtlety and rate of success, they come at a high price per job, and only the most wealthy patrons can afford their services.

Shadow Company is part of the Bounty Hunter Council, but their operations are widely unknown, so it would be hard to police them if it was necessary.  Shadow Company is part of the BHC simply to be able to delegate with other mercenary contractors.


Forsaken.2 – Experiment


That was my name… but who was saying it?

“Jennifer Wilson.”


“Please pay attention.  This will be on tomorrow’s test.”

I sat up, paying attention to the teacher’s scolding attitude.  I had been staring out the window, again, like I had always done in elementary school.  Less than mindful of the review of topography of the planets of Solace, all I had wondered was “what was going on outside.”

The holographic screen in front of me flickered, beckoning to be interacted with.  It showed a small model of the system of Solace.  Each planet had a cursor blinking over it, showing the names of each planet.  Mercury, Venus, Old Earth, Luna, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.

Why am I dreaming about this place?  I don’t know anyone in this classroom or this teacher.


Another voice.  From the back of the room…?  But this voice isn’t from my dream…


A scientist-type is sitting at a desk, looking at a video monitor.  He lets out a slight noise under his breath, as he watches Jennifer passed out on the couch in The Zalinscar.


The scientist motions his hand toward his mouth, pointing a small device located on his wrist to it.

“Subject 3, ‘Jennifer Wilson’ appears to have temporary loss of motor skills, muscle function, and the inability to stay awake for very long after the treatment.”



It sounded like a machine.


It keeps saying my name.


What is it?  I can’t see it… I can’t wake up.


A gasp of air — I’m breathing.  I’m awake now.

And nothing.  The mechanical voice was gone.  Half of my body is hanging off the couch, one leg propped up on the couch’s armrest.  Blinking, my headache appears to have lessened, and I put my hand on top of my forehead.

Remembering the dreams I had, I still couldn’t piece together what I had experienced.  It’s not like anything I could piece together from them would help me with my current situation, anyhow.

I took a look around the room.  It was dimly lit.  The flickering of the lights appeared to only be affecting the hallway outside of the room.  A quick survey showed the metal table in front of me, colored like wood to make it look fancy, with a glass top.  Imitating what was once wrought from life, it was cold to the touch, as I reached out to it, just to make sure I was where I thought I was.

On the other side of the room, a wheeled chair, a desk, and an ancient-looking computer terminal.  This ship is too old for its own good.  There were pieces of junk on the floor, none of it seeming useful, as I kicked some of the scraps around on the floor, half-hoping that something would magically turn on.

Taking in my surroundings, all I could think of was one word: